Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Britain!

Nine out of 10 crimes are either not reported or go unpunished.

Prison numbers could increase by 25% to 100,000 within five years.

The very poorest have got poorer since 1997.

Strategies for fighting crime could include "chemical castration" and alcohol rationing


Ellee said...

Shocking figures from a shocking government.

Have a very happy Christmas.

budgiebird said...

It is a problem of Labour's own making.

Over 3,000 new laws since 1997. If you create new laws, you create new criminals out of people who were previously law abiding citizens.

jw dread said...

The sad thing is, the greater part of our society don't seem to care.

Snafu said...

JW Dread, people do care about such issues. Tragically, for many people, it's far easier to move house than wait for politicians to fix the symptoms or even address the underlying issues.

Skyman said...

Here's a radical idea, why do we not make prisons unpleasant places to be, then PERHAPS they would be a deterrent instead of a place to be given drugs, paid to play scrabble and play computer games!

Snafu said...

Skyman, the only problem is that prisoners have rights too! I can't help thinking that for certain prisoners, life inside must be more comfortable than life outside!