Monday, May 02, 2005

Greg's support

Greg Dyke, ex Director General of the BBC, has announced that he will be supporting the Liberal Democrats at the election. Here are some of their policies and principles that have swayed his vote:

  • To make more non-violent offenders do tough community work as an alternative to jail.

  • To end the use of imprisonment as a punishment for possession for own use of illegal drugs of any class.

  • To support the EU constitution and ultimately join the Euro.

  • Support the disestablishment of the Church of England in the long term.

  • Abolish the existing blasphemy law.

  • "Prison is the soft option for some criminals."

  • Reform aviation taxes. "We will require airport landing charges to cover the full costs without subsidy from airport shopping."

    David Vance said...

    Roland Rat would have more of an idea....what a prat Dykes is.

    lascivious said...

    By the way - has your blog got two independant comments systems? I posted a comment, and it only appears if you click the comments link above (the little java script pop-up) and David's doesn't appear on it. Wierd...

    Serf said...

    What a surprise. The former head of a nationalised socialist enterprise, dependant on money forcably taken from ordinary citizens is in favour of the most crazy leftwing party of all.

    Funny I never noticed a crazed left wing, Anti USA, Tory hating, Economically ignorant biased at the BBC whilst he was its head :)

    Snafu said...

    Lascivious, it does but I don't know how to correct it and have just the one system (this one working). Any ideas on how to correct it!?!

    Snafu said...

    Mind you, Greg has only swapped to the Liberal Democrats whilst Tony Blair is in charge. I suspect he will change allegiances again when Gordon is back in charge. Mind you, as he has supported Labour for nearly forty years, did he really support Labour when Michael Foot was in charge?

    lascivious said...

    Snafu - absolutely no idea! Here is my original comment:

    Greg Dyke's support is reason enough not to vote Lib Dem. That and I don't agree with most of the policies you quoted