Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The mother of all hangovers

On Friday morning, we will no doubt awake to find Tony Blair re-elected for a record third Labour term in office. As he reads the newspaper headlines in bed and watches the glowing BBC reports on TV, what will he be thinking? Will he congratulate himself that he has been given another five years in power with which to finalise his legacy? Will he look in the mirror, incredulous at the thought that despite the Iraq war and a legacy of incompetence to date he has remained in power? Will he thank the British electorate for it's vote of confidence in him despite a possible record low turnout or mock their stupidity? Will he convince himself that he now has a carte-blanche to do as he pleases as he can forget the electorate for another five years? Will he acknowledge the importance that a lack of any real opposition to his party has had in his victory? If he can survive the turmoil over the Iraq war and win the subsequent election, will he think he is truly invincible? Who or what could possibly bring about his downfall? The Conservative party won't be able to as it will be licking it's wounds after a third defeat and searching for a new leader. The Liberal Democrats are starting to veer to the left of Labour so doubt they will be the most vocal of opposition parties. The House of Lords, previously able to resist some of Labour's more extreme measures will struggle now that it has a Labour majority for the first time in many years as Tony has recently appointed sixteen Labour Lords.

I fear that only the Labour left or Gordon Brown will be able to oppose him in the coming years.


David Vance said...

I agree that Friday will be a nightmare as the lying Princess Tony once more gains the keys to the kingdom, and so the question is; who will oppose him?

I believe it will be the UK economy going bottoms-up. He will bail out before the sheen is taken off his reputation - Brown will take over and he is NOT the same shape-changer as Blair and will be rumbled. Thus all the Tories have to do is remember why they are conservatives - sell a better vision for the future - and wait for power next time round.

lascivious said...

David - couldn't agree more. Although I am right now a floating voter as I don't think any of the parties have good policies, I do try to be at least sympathetic to the Tories. That said, I don't want the Tories to be voted into government tomorrow - they will take all the blame for Labour's mistakes, which will add another decade to their opposition if not destroy them completely.

Snafu said...

I agree with you both. One other disturbing aspect is that Tony Blair has already said that he will not face the electorate again so he will no longer need fear an electoral backlash except the one that overwhelms his blood brother Gordon.