Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Through the side window

I finally received some Conservative Party literature yesterday through the post, a little late perhaps but at least they have made an effort just like all the other parties. I quickly scanned their fold-out, environmentally friendly leaflet before throwing it away(!!) but, unfortunately, just like all the others, it only tells me how well it can give my money to other peoples' more deserving parents or children rather than my own. It neglects to address a single issue that really concerns me. Congratulations to the Conservatives for becoming the David Beckham of penalty takers.

Having said that, I feel obliged to tactically vote for them simply to prevent the Liberal Democrats climbing in through the side window and winning the local constituency rather than through the back door. Am I the only person tactically voting Conservative tomorrow in a wholly futile attempt to keep out an even worse option!?! Thankfully, Labour are running a very poor third in my local constituency so I can ignore their chances of winning. This naturally discounts any attempts by keen party activists of any party to use creative measures to boost their respective party's popularity.

If I was to vote purely on the basis of which party has courted my vote the most, it would undoubtedly be the Liberal Democrats. Not only have they sent me many leaflets over the last couple of weeks, they have produced a four page newspaper and even leaflet outside of the normal election campaigns. If only they could make the content realistic... If I was to vote on looks alone, the local Labour candidate would win by a mile, no dodgy postal votes required. All other candidates would lose their deposits.

PS Before anyone complains about my own "selfishness", I don't recall anyone complaining about the bidding war for the votes of pensioners or of young mothers whose votes can apparently be horse traded by the political party with the highest "offer". Do such people vote for what's best for the long term future of this country or what's best for their own pockets? As Greg Dyke supports the Liberal Democrats, will he voluntarily pay 50% income tax on his earnings over £100k even if they don't win power?

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