Saturday, March 04, 2006


Zimbabweans may be suffering from "increasing food shortages, rising unemployment and runaway inflation" but at least they can console themselves in having removed many of the colonial oppressors who knew how to run farms well.

At what point should land be returned to the former white owners to prevent mass-starvation in Zimbabwe?


3 lions said...

Pallies have asked Israeli's and Jews back to Gush Katif as they cant produce fruit and veg as good as they could.
Not in the press of course, not really news for your libo media.

alfie said...

There's no chance of the land being given back. All those 18 year old war veterans have got it.

Zulu said...

I really must congratulate Mr Mugabe in making such a success of running Zimbabe. I do hope there won't be any bleeding heart charities asking us for money to support the starving. I bet Mr M has a good deal of money stached away for a rainy day perhaps he would like to contribute

Anonymous said...

No...all the Africans are too busy wiping themselves out with the Aids virus to plant anything...except themselves! use a condom morons