Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hygiene in the private hospitals

Is basic hygiene failing in a third of private hospitals in the UK?

Why should taxpayers be expected to tolerate such low standards in state funded hospitals when they do not even receive tax relief on private healthcare costs?

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Andy said...

Visualise the film Danton. Revolutionary Committees,left right and centre. Robbespieere sweating under his bedsheets.Gottit.

Right now, imagine a situation where we just walk into hospitals and took them over...'revolutionary' committees...calling for a meeting of all the doctors... appointing one of them director of the hospital, of hygiene...arresting all the mangement and putting them in a dank cellar with no food or water till they were too weak to work, then releasing get the drift.

Its a bit like the satisfaction you get from threatening to beat to a pulp with a baseball bat a yob who has just annoyed you by scatching your car windscreen with a softdrink can tap. If you had the balls to do it (and suffer the personal consequences) others would suffer less from scratched windscreens. But the fantasy does the trick as well. Once you have calmed down it feels af if you might actually have done what you were proposing.

Jobsworths never get the job done. As I read somewhere about EU light pollution regulations being introduced, lights will always be left on in building by people who don't have to pay the electricity bills.