Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Indian Foeticide

How many pregnant British women of Indian descent travel to India to ensure their foetus is male?

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RT said...

A good question? My question is this? Is abortion wrong only when done under social stigma of a non-western society? and should it be acceptable when done because the woman has a job in the city and cant look after the baby or it is be aborted coz the baby was conceived in a dance club's toilet?
It is all easy to hanker about female infanticide and it is an issue that needs our attnetion but surely the western countries especially the UK need to look at their own social problem to find out why so many babaies get aborted? Is it ok to abort both male and females but not just females! The social constriants of European and other western socieites should be expected as valid reasons for an abortion but not when the social constrainsts have their origin in India. Abortion is wrong unless absolutely unncessary under medical condition.
No abortion should be allowed because someone forgot the pills or Mr Hunk didnt bother to wear the condoms. If you ever see the photo of a foetus at 12 weeks you would know how much he grows by then. his heart beats he makes movement ( you cant feel them but then nature is not there to entertain expecting mother)
Think..Kill Abortion!