Thursday, March 30, 2006

Basic social care "must be free" in England

Why should elderly English people not expect the same level of state-funded social care as they would receive in Scotland?

Free personal care for the elderly in Scotland now costs more than £200m per year and provides for payments of £145 a week for the personal care costs of elderly people in care homes, plus £65 for nursing care.

In England, anyone who has assets of more than £20,500 has to pay for personal care.


alfie said...

I dunno, but maybe it's got something to do with an apartheid agenda, fulfilled through a mushroom strategy?

GenghisBlog said...

What the BBC page doesn't comment upon is the simple fact that the Scots don't pay for it, but the English pay for it instead! Due solely to the s-called Barnett formula, and it's rigging by the kilties to the north of the border, the average Scot gets 55% more spent on him from the public purse than the English do!

Why? Couldn't be that Blair and Brown are Scots, half the bloody Cabinet is Scots, and they aren't gonna do anything which is capable of rocking the boat, and spilling any of the gravy!