Friday, March 03, 2006

French birds

Will the UK government ban French poultry imports if bird flu cases are discovered amongst French flocks?

If it was the other way around, France would ban British poultry imports before you could say "BSE".


scubaman1 said...

Hi Snafu,
Good to meet on the Surg event 2 wks ago. Missed you on the "hardest" walk.
Really like your Blog .

You are absolutely right ,. the French would ban if it was the other way round. They take the p**s out of being in the EU.

Rgds Rich

Snafu said...


I mixed my dates up or confused the location ( I don't know which!), I went along last Saturday to be at the pub for a 10.30am start. As no-one else was around, I did the 'walk' by myself. It's a real shame as I had been looking forward to the 'toughest short walk' on the calendar.

Catch up soon hopefully and thanks for visiting:)

3 lions said...

Have the French surrendered yet?