Thursday, June 02, 2005

UK referendum in 2006?

Neil Kinnock declares that the 'No' votes in France and Holland are "a triumph of ignorance", the EU constitution is dead and no UK referendum is therefore required. I am one of the ignorant masses in the UK who wants to have a referendum next year even if answering the wrong question! Once again, France determines Europe's future on it's own terms. If anything, Chirac's EU negotiating position has now been strenghtened by the French 'No' vote. How can Chirac accept any "Anglo-Saxon, Atlanticist, Free trade" agenda Tony Blair proposes? "French voters won't accept that". That such an agenda would improve the French economy is just a delicious irony. Building a benefits wall around Europe's economy will not make it more competitive in the face of new global economic challenges. A UK referendum would trump the French 'No' whilst giving the UK population a chance to be heard across Europe.

The UK last had the opportunity to have it's say specifically thirty years ago when the nation was asked if it wanted to remain in the Common Market. The European Union has now morphed into a quasi-state in it's own right. As a referendum was already timetabled for sometime in 2006, it should go ahead but with a different question. Does the UK electorate accept the transformation? Has it gone too far or not far enough? Should the UK remain in the EU? Denying the UK this chance on the grounds of saving money, a referendum is pointless or that politicians know best is an abuse of due political process. 67% of the Dutch electorate are not ignorant!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't Kinnock repulsive?

Snafu said...

Totally repulsive. That's why they sent him to Europe in the first place as he wasn't wanted here!!