Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rewarding failure and dishonesty

Cabinet ministers are entitled to one quarter of their £74,902 salaries when they leave office even if they return a couple of months later in another role. Liberal Democrat front bencher Norman Baker is right to describe this as "grotesque". When the scheme was introduced in 1991, losing your cabinet position marked the end of your political career, it's now just an accepted part of many political careers. What's worse is that ministers forced to resign due to scandal or general incompetence are rewarded for failure and dishonesty!

  • David Blunkett resigned over his nanny's visa application yet is now Work and Pensions Minister
  • Beverly Hughes resigned after admitting she "unwittingly" misled people about a suspected visa scam.
  • Estelle Morris resigned for not being up to the job.
  • Peter Mandelson resigned for having made misleading statements over passport applications of Indian Billionaires.
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    Anonymous said...

    It's a great point now that I see it. These scumbags not only steal our money in their grotesque taxation schemes, and not only do they get paid a fortune for doing nothing but they get compensated for being failures. Aaarrgh!