Monday, June 13, 2005


Schooldays may have been the worst days of your life, but how about adding schoolevenings and schoolmornings? Ruth Kelly has announced that school hours could be extended to 8am to 6pm to take the pressure of "hard working families". Rather than asking parents to contribute the £680m, it falls on the general taxpayer to fund Labour's great scheme. Why? If it benefits parents, they should expect to pay. Why should everyone else contribute to the scheme? If parents needed this service and sufficiently valued it, private companies would already be operating in the market.

It can only be a matter of time before Ruth Kelly decides that children stay at school at nights because they are in a controlled environment there. If the "school run" is brought forward to 8am, I may contribute to the scheme!!

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Serf said...

Offering after hours facilities could be a factor of competition between schools within a voucher system.

I wonder though, how many schools will have takers for this service, and how many will be a total waste of money.

Whatever Our Dear Leaders think, Nanny does not know best.