Saturday, June 25, 2005

Criminal Anxiety

A former Hell's Angel who shot a policeman during a raid on an Off-Licence has been awarded £7,000 in costs and compensation for the "anxiety" caused by a 22 month delay in his prison status review. Poor little thing.

What about the anxiety of the shop staff who were raided or the shot policeman? Can this NHS patient claim for the anxiety of having to wait 18 months for an MRI brain scan?


Anonymous said...

And now he works for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Snafu said...

Paul, Thanks for the link, I've just added it here. Reading the article suggests he is a reformed man. Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

If we want to redress cock-ups where the chap is released late let's punish some of the officials who were negligent rather than reward the criminal.

Not only is justice done, it's seen to be done.

Nobody reading this story can come away feeling good about the justice system.

Gary Monro

Snafu said...

Gary, I don't believe he was released late reading the original report. I can only assume the "anxiety" was due to not knowing if he was to be released late or not.