Sunday, June 26, 2005

Living in a meritocracy?

"And the new establishment is not a meritocracy, but a power elite of money-shifters, middle men and speculators...people whose self interest will always come before the national or the public interest." Tony Blair - Labour Party Conference 1994.

British diplomats help Tony Blair's eldest son, Euan, obtain work in Washington DC as a Republican intern, 2005.


Gareth said...

Great spot. What a chartaltan Blair is.

Alfie said...

Emperor Calligula Caeser - or 'The Bastard, Tony Blair' as he is known in these parts is a bloody disgrace. The man has no principles, no honour, no spine and no bloody shame.

His horror of a wife is just as bad - so what chance do his kids have. Selfish spawn from self centred loins begets wall tto wall 'Flashman' types ... you can just imagine the conversation..

Euan - "Dad, can you get me a job that'll look great on my c.v.?"

Caligula - "Sure son, I'll give George a ring right away. Nothing but the best for my son and heir to 'Blairland.....
"Euan, ever thought of changing your name to Nero?"

The thought that the Blair tribe are going to follow in the hoof prints of their satanic father fills me with dread. To be ruled by one Blair is depressing.... to be ruled by a whole dynasty is making me feel suicidal...