Thursday, June 30, 2005

Traffic congestion is good for your health

Transport authorities will no doubt seize on the news that road traffic deaths are at an historic low to justify their increasing reliance on speed cameras. Is this deserved? Speed cameras no doubt reduce average speeds in their immediate vicinity but I suspect there are two other factors at play. Improved car designs increase your crash survivability whilst increased traffic congestion, in city centres and motorways, leads to fewer crashes at high speed as you get fewer chances to speed!!

There are some people alive today who would be dead but for traffic congestion. Who says traffic congestion is only ever bad for you?

Are more deaths the cost of free flowing traffic?

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Snafu said...

Matty, you're mad!!

Overall UK GDP would go down if congestion increased as too much time would be wasted non-productively in traffic jams, it's also a disincentive to trade!

Thanks for the comment by the way but fear no one else will read it as it's quite an old post now!