Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of Paedophiles and Terrorists

Would Ken Livingstone be as happy for paedophiles with foreign convictions to work with children in London as he is for terrorists with foreign convictions to work on the Underground?

"Has [Mohammed Kamel Mostafa] broken any law here in Britain? [No, so] we are happy to have him working for us" - Ken Livingstone

Monday, October 30, 2006

Reasons for tax rises:

  • The polluter should pay for damage to the environment.

  • Tax on alcohol should rise to reduce binge drinking.

  • Road pricing to cut car congestion.

  • Council tax to rise for living in a good area.
  • Burning Issues?

    If Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris opposes the criminalisation of flag burning as "an unacceptable restriction of freedom of expression", would he also oppose future legislation that criminalised anyone burning the Qu'ran!?!

    Covering up Camilla

    Will Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, be expected to wear a headscarf whilst visiting Pakistan even though she is not Muslim!?!

    Some might argue that she should be covered up regardless!

    Long term health care costs!

    Will it really cost £45bn to clean and maintain £8bn worth of hospitals over the next thirty years?

    Would it be cheaper to knock them down and rebuild them every 10 years!?!

    On the basis that all the major political parties support the NHS, these hospitals should never have been mortgaged.

    Trouble ahead!

    How does the Government explain that more children than previously thought cannot write their names or recognise words like "dog" and "hat" by the age of five?

    The Department for Education and Skills said more rigorous and accurate marking this year was likely to have caused the drop in results...

    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    English students protest over higher fees

    English students are set to march in central London on Sunday to protest over higher tuition fees.

    English students who started degree courses in September this year, have to pay up to £3,000 a year towards tuition costs.

    The government says the new package is fairer as the fees are no longer paid upfront and grants are available to disadvantaged students.

    Courtesy of the BBC.

    English students protest over higher fees

    English students are set to march in central London on Sunday to protest over higher tuition fees.

    English students who started degree courses in September this year, have to pay up to £3,000 a year towards tuition costs.

    The government says the new package is fairer as the fees are no longer paid upfront and grants are available to disadvantaged students.

    Courtesy of the BBC.

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Focused Alcohol Policy?

    If Patricia Hewitt wants to reduce binge drinking amongst teenagers, why should all drinkers be penalised by a general rise in the tax on alcohol?

    How about raising the drinking age to 21 or reducing the minimum wage for teenagers!?!

    Is the Government more concerned about raising additional tax revenue!?!

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Number Crunching

    £130,000: Biggest theft from the Houses Of Parliament in 2005/6.

    £131,000: Average expenses per MP in 2005/6.

    Dig for money!

    If local councils are to be bribed with millions of pounds for local services if they allow nuclear waste to be buried locally, will Scotland lose it's multi-billion pound English subsidy if nuclear waste is not stored in Scotland?

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    That's Richmond!

    It's good to see that the cost of residents' parking permits in Richmond will rise when they are linked to the 'pollution' caused by their vehicles soon.

    It serves them right for deserting the Conservatives and voting Liberal Democrat!

    Foreign stereotypes

    Are Police and the BBC allowed to stereotype foreign lorry drivers!?!

    "Foreign lorry drivers are putting lives at risk by overworking, using vehicles with serious faults and overloading their trucks" - Chief Superintendent Geraint Anwyl.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Impartial BBC news?

    If ITV has been banned by the Ministry of Defence from filming frontline troops for "inaccurate and intrusive reports about the fate of wounded soldiers", how reliable are BBC broadcasts from the frontline?

    The Great Escape failure to return!

    Murderer Mark Ryder has not escaped from Highpoint Prison, Suffolk, during an escorted trip to Cambridge, he has merely failed to return!

    This is not an escape or an abscond, it is classed as a failure to return. An internal inquiry into this incident is already underway. - Prison Service Spokesman

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Racist head of the CRE?

    In 1963, the great African-American writer James Baldwin quoted an old spiritual in a famous essay, correctly predicting the civil strife that was to come: God gave Noah the rainbow sign. Said no more water, but the fire next time - Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

    Why does Trevor need to highlight the racial background of James Baldwin!?!

    In 1968, the great White-British politician Enoch Powell quoted Virgil's Aenid, correctly predicting the civil strife that was to come: Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Conservative tax cuts and rises!

    The Times reports that "George Osborne [Shadow Chancellor] has categorically ruled out any promises to cut overall taxes before the next election campaign, insisting that any cuts would have to be matched by tax increases elsewhere."

    Does George really believe that copying Gordon Brown's policy of giving with one hand but taking more with the other will lead to electoral success!?!

    Will the electorate categorically rule out any promises to vote Conservative ever again!?!

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Muslim opposes Sharia law?

    On what basis should Tony Blair or Prince Charles intervene in the case of Mirza Tahir Hussain, awaiting execution in Pakistan for the murder of Jamshed Khan in 1988?

    His conviction was overturned in Pakistan's High Court but he was later retried by an Islamic court, which sentenced him to death.

    Relatives [of Jamshed Khan] said they "wanted justice" and "would never compromise"

    Do the 40% of British Muslims who want Sharia law introduced into parts of the UK support the execution?

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    English tax cuts?

    How many of the proposed Conservatives' tax cuts are only for people living and working in England?

    Tories plan lower income tax rate for Scotland

    The Last Post?

    If Post Offices are so valuable to people living in rural areas, perhaps they should pay more for the service!

    Why should 'townies' subsidise their lifestyles when they are prevented from moving there themselves!?!

    It's in the post!

    Why is a petition with 4m signatures to save rural post offices being delivered to 10 Downing Street by hand?

    Are organisers scared it could get lost in the post!?!

    New faith schools?

    Female students at a new Islamic school will be made to wear head scarves regardless of their religion, it was revealed yesterday.

    The Madani High School in Leicester will be required by law to accept 10 per cent of its 600 pupils from a non-Muslim background.

    But girls who are not Muslim will still have to abide by a rule insisting all female pupils cover their heads as part of the uniform.

    Does any non-muslim school have such strict dress codes about not wearing head scarves!?!

    Courtesy of the Daily Mail and Dhimmi Watch.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Trained Monkeys!

    How much training does it take for a council employee to rummage through rubbish to find junk mail with an address on it!?!

    The [fly tipping] teams are trained to search through any offending waste that they have found to look for evidence of its origins - Swansea Council enforcement officer Martin Lemon.

    NHS employment prospects

    When the NHS is the largest employer in Europe with "approximately 1.2m staff", will anyone notice "a few hundred" job losses or even 20,000 job losses?

    Fundamentally, people should be asking why the NHS is the third largest employer in the world after the Chinese Army and Indian State Railways!

    The hidden five million

    Does David Cameron really believe that 5m people in the UK are on the scrapheap as they are not working?

    How many of the 5m would find work if benefits were cut after six months to make work pay?

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Uncontrolled Terror Suspect

    How can the public help Police search for a terror suspect who escaped from a mental health unit two weeks ago if they don't publish his name or photo?

    How did he manage to escape if he has mental health problems!?!

    Update: Another one has been missing for several months!

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Raping the law?

    If Ministers are concerned that "fewer than 6% of rape allegations result in successful convictions" as cases frequently collapse due to the woman's drunkeness, what is their target percentage?

    10%, 35%, 60% or 100%...

    Can car drivers accused of drink driving soon be too drunk to know they were too drunk to drive!?!

    BA Boycott?

    Will British Airways passenger volumes:

    a) Decrease as Christians boycott the airline for suspending an employee who wore the Crucifix?

    b) Increase as there is now less chance of meeting Ann Widdecombe MP on a flight!?!

    Not gotta have faith!

    What happens if new religious schools are unable to fill 25% of their classroom places to "non-believing" children?

    How many non-muslim parents want to send their children to Muslim schools!?!

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Too many consultants spoil the hospital?

    Accountancy Age reports that the NHS "now spends more on consultancy than the entire UK manufacturing industry, and is the fourth largest market for consultants".

    So why are more than half of all NHS trusts still need to improve the quality of their services or their financial management?

    Have the hospitals employed too many management consultants or too few!?!

    Passports for pay rises?

    At the same time as the cost of a passport has risen by 50% many staff members have seen their pay rise below the cost of inflation at a rate of just 1%. - PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka.

    If the Passport Service is not struggling to recruit new employees (thanks to illegal immigration perhaps!?!), why should they give their staff pay rises?

    'Undervalued' can always move into overpaid private sector jobs...

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Dhiren Barot

    Why is the BBC unable to give any of the motivations behind North Londoner Dhiren Barot's plans to cause "injury, fear, terror and chaos" with a series of synchronised attacks across the UK?

    Is he the same Dhiren Barot who was born into a Hindu family in India and converted to Islam when he was 20? The Times of India also reports that he took part in terrorist campaigns against Indian forces in Kashmir and is said to have been the main casing agent for al-Qaeda!

    Poor NHS Finances

    If 47% of NHS trusts are ranked 'fair' for financial management whilst 37% are 'weak', how will increased funding by the Conservative Party improve the NHS without fundamental change?

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Tax cuts increase tax revenues!

    How will Labour and the Conservative Party defend their policies of no tax cuts when American tax cuts have reduced the federal deficit to a four year low?

    Veiled threats!?!

    If Commission for Racial Equality chief Trevor Phillips tends to think that veils should not be worn in the classroom, what does he think about veils being worn at the airport!?!

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    The 983

    Did the 983 other suicidal men in Britain look forward to 72 virgins in Paradise last year!?!

    Prison bribes

    Why does the Government need to bribe non EU national prisoners with a £2,500 payment for them to leave when they should be able to deport them with force if necessary?

    Can EU national prisoners claim discrimination against the Government?

    Will such large bribes encourage Romanian and Bulgarian criminals for whom £2,500 is perhaps more than they would earn in a year?

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Bargain of the century!

    Is the UK Government more likely to under-estimate the £5.4bn ten year cost of ID cards or over-estimate it!?!

    Young jail birds

    The two teenage brothers who killed schoolboy Damilola Taylor have only been sentenced to eight years' youth custody as they were only 12 or 13 at the time.

    Given that they were capable of such evil at such a young age, why didn't the judge increase instead?

    NHS 'independence'

    If the NHS is given operational independence from Ministers, as suggested by Gordon Brown and now David Cameron, will they claim credit for any good decisions made by the new NHS Policy Committee?

    Despite giving the Bank of England the ability to set interest rates independently in 1997, Gordon Brown still claims credit for low inflation and interest rates!

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Institutionally Racist Police? (2)

    If the Israeli embassy had been attacked whilst Muslim PC Alexander Omar Basha was protecting it, what would he have done?

    PC Basha was married by the extremist cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad at the officer’s family home in London.

    Celebrating Diversity in the Labour Party!

    When I see a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf or a hijab, I don't feel threatened, I celebrate it. - Ruth Kelly MP, August 2006.

    Remove full veils - Jack Straw MP, October 2006.

    Lifting the veil

    Are muslim and non-muslim women expected to wear a headscarf when visiting a mosque?

    Tories - "light" on policies?

    Whoever said the Conservative Party are light on policies?

    They have have voted for a tax cut on VAT on energy-saving light bulbs!

    Minimum Labour?

    How can Labour claim 'credit' for the introduction of the minimum wage when the arrival of 1.5m foreign workers will have driven wage levels down?

    Millions of working people have directly benefited from the decent minimum standards we have put in place, like the minimum wage. - Employment relations minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Institutionally Racist Police?

    Will Muslim PC Alexander Omar Basha be sacked for refusing to guard the Israeli embassy in London?

    If his role is compromised by his religion, should any Muslim Police officer be allowed to guard Tony Blair or provide security at major airports across the UK?

    What would happen if a non-Muslim PC refused to protect a Mosque following a terror attack?

    Does he run the risk of a being forced to attend a "Diversity Awareness" course?

    Number Crunching

    3 years: Too far from the next election for George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, to make a commitment to reduce income tax in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    3p: How much George Osborne wants to reduce income tax by in Scotland next year.

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    No Hope Sunshine!

    "Tony Blair explained his priorities in three words: education, education, education. I can do it in three letters: NHS. We will serve and support the National Health Service." - David Cameron

    Why has no-one in Conservative Central Office highlighted the irony of Tony Blair's 'priorities' to David Cameron!?!

    I can do it in three letters: NHS - No Hope Sunshine.

    English language

    Why should British taxpayers be expected to fund English language training for migrants so they can then compete in the labour market!?!

    Why does Britain accept economic migrants without English language skills?

    If "lack of fluency in the language condemns many people to poverty", migrants should expect to fund their own language training.

    Update: If illegal immigrants can afford to buy their way into the UK, they should also be able to afford English language lessons!

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Whatever of England schools!

    Will new Muslim, Sikh and Hindu schools also be expected to "offer at least a quarter of places to pupils from outside" their faith?

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Council tax

    If 2 million people are struggling to pay their council tax, why don't they vote for a party that is prepared to cut services and bills at their next local elections!?!

    Spend, spend, spend.

    Will David Cameron adopt Labour's spending policies for the first two years of the next Conservative Government to prove how 'centre-right' the party has become?

    Thought for the day

    How many UK based animal rights extremists have ever refused medication on the grounds that they have been tested on animals?

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Conservative tax pledges

    If David Cameron is unconcerned that British tax levels are higher than in Germany and is unable to pledge tax cuts prior to the next General Election, why should anyone bother to vote Conservative again?

    Tax cuts could always be funded by reducing the £100bn welfare budget and making work pay.