Monday, June 06, 2005

Poor Barristers

Think of some low paid professions performing important functions for society; scientists, teachers, nurses and ... barristers!! With hourly charges for defending legal aid cases frozen for the last eight years. Barristers are struggling to survive on rates of just £33.50 for juniors, £47 for leading juniors and £62.50 for QCs. No wonder they are threatening to strike (by refusing new cases) for more money. How can anyone afford to pay for flexible childcare with rates that low!?!

If their monopoly on court representation was broken, I would have some sympathy for their claim, as it is, it should be struck out. It will be interesting to see the Government's reaction to their threat considering the legal background of so many in Government.

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Anonymous said...

Dang - I should have been a lawyer. Can I go on strike too? Maybe I should threaten to... um.... not go to any more conferences in Sardinia.