Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Robin EU

EU President Jose Manuel Barroso has told the UK not to reverse the Robin Hood myth of "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor". It's ironic as Robin provided a tax rebate for English serfs who, even in the 13th Century, paid extortionate taxes to their Norman (French) masters.

Robin's name echoes down through the centuries for rallying Anglo-Saxons against this Norman oppression and fighting as free Englishmen. Did Robin keep a percentage of all liberated wealth for "administrative purposes" like the EU does?

If Robin Hood were not a myth, unlike signed off EU accounts, would he be turning in his grave knowing that the English were still being cajoled, threatened and robbed by European 'barons'!?!

National Pension Savings Scheme

Who will keep the contributions to the National Pensions Savings Scheme if an individual dies before or shortly after they retire? The Government or the 'pension' provider?

Why should anyone contribute 4% of their post tax earnings when about 40% of their gross earnings is already spent by Government?

When road pricing is introduced, hitting commuters particularly hard, a point will soon be reached when people are better off by not working!

Rational pension planning

Will the Turner report mean more money in your pocket? Only if you spend your life supported by state benefits your entire life. For everyone else, it is likely that you will be expected to pay more tax for longer to fund current pensioners whilst saving more to fund your own retirement.

Why is this sensible when savings are taxed, state pensions are means tested, residential care in England is paid for by the individual and the Chancellor takes 40% of your estate following your death?

For the majority of people, it is far more sensible to be a burden on the state in old age!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

English congestion charge

If the Edinburgh Central constituents of Transport Secretary Alistair Darling rejected a proposed congestion charge by about 3 to 1, why seek to impose a similar congestion charge on English cities?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Campaign for capitalism

Does David Cameron welcome the entrepreneurial spirit shown by drug dealers as young as 14 who do not consider 'profit' to be a dirty word and are customer focused, offering a broad range of drugs to people who enjoy "a private life" 24/7?

Conservative Pension Crisis

When will the Conservative Party start representing the average person in the street on the pensions crisis rather than make cheap political capital out of whether Gordon Brown is trying to "sabotage" the Turner report or not.

If the Conservative Party ever reflected the views of people such as these ( highly recommended on the BBC Have your say website), they would be a serious threat to Labour. The views are currently the most highly recommended on the website.

I've given up caring now. Too much money is wasted on those who can't be bothered to help themselves - unless it's someone elses money. Stop giving money to those who cannot be bothered to work (or can't stop breeding) then there will be more to go around. I am fed up with people getting more in benefits than I am earning. I have a pension plan, I just can't afford to put enough into it.

JoJo Kavanagh, eSSEX ,Recommended by 100 people, Added: Thursday, 17 November, 2005, 18:50 GMT 18:50 UK

The Government is charging me
1 - more in income tax
2 - more in National Insurance
3 - more in Council Tax
4 - more for my passport
5 - I am paying £6000 a year to support my children through university
6 - I am being told I am not saving enuogh for my retirement (is there any wonder)
Now I have to work an extra 2 years to fund an increase in pension that I will not be entitled to because of my company pension - all so that the people who have spent a life on benifits do not have take a drop in their annual income.
This labour governement seems intent on making the working to middle classes pay for everything and get nothing back in return

Ted Matron, Selby, United Kingdom, Recommended by 92 people, Added: Thursday, 17 November, 2005, 13:14 GMT 13:14 UK

Stop giving all our hard-earned money to scroungers and help us people that want to save for our and our children's futures but cannot because we are so heavily taxed.

I read nearly everyday about yet another stealth tax dreamt up to milk us even more for our money. Gordon Brown - PLEASE leave our money alone!

[Lukeandmum], Recommended by 87 people, Added: Thursday, 17 November, 2005, 12:18 GMT 12:18 UK

While government workers retire at 60 on index-linked final salary pensions the rest of the population are expected to work to death to pay for them. It's good to see that people are finally waking up to this injustice. DO NOT LET LABOUR MAKE YOU PAY FOR THEIR CRONIES. Enough is enough.

Lance Grundy, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Recommended by 62 people, Added: Thursday, 17 November, 2005, 13:17 GMT 13:17 UK

Tommi - The milk of human kindness is difficult to maintain when you have to get up at 6am daily to sit in rush hour for 80 minutes, work full time, come home and run a home every day. All with the promise that your hard earned cash will be given to those who can't be bothered to work and at the end of it all you'll be too skint to have the heating on in winter.

Vikki Webb, Manchester, United Kingdom, Recommended by 61 people

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Racist Arts Council (3)

Following my poor response from the Arts Council England, a letter has now been sent to the Commission for Racial Equality.

The Arts Council England is running a competition only open "to residents of the UK from an African, Asian or Caribbean background"

Does this breach the Race Relations Act? Would a similar competiton only open to UK residents of a European background be treated any differently?

Why is the Arts Council England allowed to exclude UK residents from a South American background?

BBC Prisoner abuse

Never missing an opportunity to discredit coalition forces in Iraq, the BBC begins a report on a prisoner abuse scandal in Malaysia by comparing it to "abuses perpetrated by coalition forces in Iraq".

To their credit, Malaysia's leaders did not even draw breath before condemning the video, which came to light on Friday

By implication, coalition leaders do "draw breath" before condemining "prisoner abuses" in Iraq.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Unfair charges?

The BBC recently highlighted that how unfair it is to be charged for withdrawing your own money from certain cash-machines. Is that any worse than being charged to watch your own TV!?!

For those wishing to avoid the TV licence fee, TVlicensingbiz is very informative. The public service BBC omits it from their "related links" for some reason!

Pub research needed

If research has found that term time work "lowers grades", how much research is needed to identify a link between longer pub opening hours and lower grades?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Racist Arts Council England (2)

I have received a reply from the Arts Council England following my complaint about a writing competition that is only open to entrants "from an African, Asian or Caribbean background".

Dear xxxx xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The reason for the original decibel definition of African, Asian and Caribbean was that there was clear evidence that these groups which are what you could term 'majority-minority groupings' within England i.e. they are the biggest minority groups had not benefited from our funding programmes to the level you would expect from the demographics. This link will provide you with information about other short story competitions. If you are interested in prizes for other writing formats please let me know and I can look into this for you.

Arts Council England does not consider this competition to be unlawful under the Race Relations Act.

Best wishes,


The Arts Council England may not consider this competition to be unlawful under the Race Relations Act but I still do!

Update My response:


Thank you for your prompt response. What is the "clear evidence" that you refer to? Are you implying that Art Council England funding is inherently racist as it unfortunately excludes minority groupings using current spending formulae?

Looking through the short story competitions that you helpfully provided, not one single competition is exclusive to English residents, obviously ignoring the smaller regional competitions. Why is this? Is this an oversight? Ironically, the 'Rhys Davies Short Story Competition' is only open to writers "born or currently living in Wales" whilst the 'Scotsman Orange Short Story Award' is only open to Scottish writers!

Unfortunately, you have not explained why the Art Council England is running a competition open to UK residents. Surely the competition should only be open to UK residents from the 'minority groupings'? Wouldn't it be ironic if a Welsh or Scot won an Art Council England competition!?!



PS Do you consider London teachers to be another 'minority' grouping who have not benefited from your funding programmes to the level you would expect from the demographics? "The Creative Writing Competition for London Teachers 2006" - Booktrust, in association with Arts Council England, London Metropolitan University and the Arvon Foundation are running a writing competition for London teachers.

Dishonourable Members of Parliament

Labour MPs should be ashamed that supported a Bill that amounts to a retrospective amnesty for fugitives wanted in connection with some of the most heinous terror crimes in Northern Ireland. It dishonours the House of Commons and all those families affected by the "troubles" in Northern Ireland. Why should any fugitive escape justice because it's "not fair" that they should be imprisoned when others were released following the Good Friday agreement?

What is the fear that drives Labour MPs to support such a Bill if the peace process is "lacking momentum"? More bombings? "If you don't let fugitives return from a self-imposed exile, we will not be very happy and could start bombing and murdering again..."

Guaranteed pay rises

If only the private sector could look forward to guaranteed pay increases regardless of performance each year.

Four candles

The British Government has said that the lights will not go out this winter "under any scenario whatsoever" according to the Trade and Industry Secretary, Alan Johnson. Candles and batteries are therefore essential purchases for any household.

If Government is unable to accurately estimate the number of priority cases for the flu vaccine, how can it possibly predict future demand for gas and fuel supplies across the UK this winter?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fat chance of rebate

Will there be a fat tax rebate for people denied NHS treatment as they are too fat?

If fat people are disqualified as their condition is invariably "self-inflicted", will A&E treatment for drunks also be rationed?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Inner city blight

What does Lord Rogers thinks needs to change to encourage the middle classes to move into inner city areas? Beyond a certain income, quality of life is far more important than money. Middle class families cannot be subsidised to move to the inner cities.

There can be few places worse than central London for raising a middle class family. Most people strive to escape London's pollution, poor education, high crime rates and broad social mix before starting a family.

Whilst social integration is an admirable goal, many find reasons why it is not desirable for their immediate families. Does Lord Rogers live in Brixton or is he a "victim" of poor social planning in the past!?!

Motiveless murder?

Why is the motive for the murder of Christopher Yates "unclear" when one of the murderers shouted "We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."?

The motive seems quite clear, Christopher was murdered simply because of the colour of his skin, just like Anthony Walker.

Cameron on Devolution (2)

If David Cameron proposed income tax cuts of 3p but only applicable in England, there would be widespread outrage amongst Welsh and Scottish nationalists.

So why does news of Scottish Conservative proposal of a 3p income tax in Scotland cause no outrage in England? Maybe politicians are right to treat England with such contempt as nobody complains!

Citizens Pension

If the Liberal Democrat proposal of a "Citizens Pension" is based upon UK citzenship rather than previous national insurance contributions, what is the 'benefit' of paying national insurance contributions?

A "citizens pension" is another Liberal Democrat example of rewarding the workshy at the expense of those in work.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cameron on devolution

If David Cameron, the Conservative leadership contender, believes in Scottish devolution "heart and soul", will he also allow England to have a devolved Government?

How dare he support a reduction in Scottish income tax with no similar reduction in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Why should the English in particular receive less for their tax money whilst paying income tax at a higher rate!?!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Racist Arts Council England

Following Wonko's letter of complaint to the Arts Council England about a competition only open to entrants "from an African, Asian or Caribbean background", I have now sent my own letter of complaint.

*Urgent* Why is the Arts Council England supporting the Decibel Penguin Prize when it is open to Welsh and Scottish residents from an African, Asian or Caribbean background? Only English residents from an African, Asian or Caribbean background should qualify.

More disturbingly, you are racially discriminating against 'latinos' and myself as we are excluded from the competiton simply because of our cultural heritage.

As the Arts Council England ostensibly promotes English culture, when will you be running a similar competition only open to English entrants of a European background or Latinos of a South American background?

Without supporting such a competition, I have no option but contact the Commission for Racial Equality and ask them to support legal proceedings against your organisation on behalf of the racially excluded Latinos and myself.

Where is the liberal outrage?

If the United States asked media organisations to reduce their coverage of insurgency attacks across Iraq, there would be widespread outrage at US attempts to censor the media. So why are the French media so ready to acquiesce to French Government demands to limit reporting of the riots across France?

Courtesy of House of Dumb.

Brown Force One

How convenient that Gordon Brown is unable to fund a Prime Ministerial long-haul jumbo jet modelled on 'Air Force One' until 2008 when it is assumed he will be Prime Minister!

Does Gordon Brown already expect to ignore domestic affairs to the same extent as Tony Blair? Does the Labour leadership fear meeting too many real people on normal aircraft?

Value for money?

How does spending £38,500 of taxpayers money for each of the 6,000 Rover employees made redundant in April represent good value for money?

Other employees face redundancy each day but are not lucky to enough to be made redundant in marginal Labour constituencies just weeks before a General election.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The perfect tax

Why would Gordon Brown possibly wish to consider raising the inheritance tax threshold? The tax primarily affects middle class voters in south east England who are unlikely to vote Labour. Perfect!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Con of the century

How will public sector workers be affected by a raising the retirment age to 67 when existing public sector workers will still be allowed to retire at 60?

Why should private sector employees be expected to pay income tax for an additional two years for pension increases of just £29 per week? How do they threaten strikes due to changes in the 'terms and conditions' of paying taxes and the benefits received!?!

Higer Standards Needed

Why did a spelling error in last month's education white paper mean it had to be reprinted the day before publication at a cost of "just under £23,000"?

What do they expect when GCSEs do not require perfect spelling, it's the message that is impotent!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A fool and his money

What sort of idiot pays good money to attend a conference with "successful businessman" and "social activist" Bob Geldof to hear him warn that e-mails "give a feeling of action, which is a mistake" and "an ill-considered e-mail can destroy a deal."?

Is there anything this man doesn't know!?!

Don't mention the crime

If 18-24 year olds are responsible for £20 billion pounds of crime annually and 75% of them re-offend, do prison sentences need to be increased? The Barrow Cadbury Commission disagrees.

Using prison sentences is counterproductive and magistrates should avoid imposing custodial sentences until the age of 23.

Young offenders under the age of 23 should not be required to disclose their criminal convictions to potentional employers.

How would either of these measures act as a deterrent?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Police Brutality?

Even if PC Paul Summerville was cleared of manslaughter, how can he not be guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm after stopping Robin Goodenough for driving whilst disqualified?

He was punched in the face and pulled out of the vehicle so violently he landed on his chin. Mr Goodenough's teeth were dislodged, the bone to which they were attached broken, his lips cut, with blood going into his throat affecting his breathing.

He died from a heart attack shortly afterwards.


That Liberal Democrats appeal to 16 year olds says everything you need to know about why Liberal Democrats will never be fit to run the country!

Are these the same youngsters who are yobbish and cannot be trusted to have a credit card?

EU fraud

EU auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts for the eleventh year in a row due to a lack of basic financial controls within the EU. Why should the UK, a net contributor to the EU, tolerate fraud and mismanagement on an industrial scale?

The UK should curtail its funding of the EU until it has the some basic financial controls in place. After eleven years, how else can the UK government assure the UK public that their money is being spent (wasted!) more effectively?

Giving lessons

How will giving £500 to every school for children to give to charity "encourage a culture of giving among children"? Giving involves the sacrifice of personal consumption, how will these children "lose"? Who will audit the charities and funds?

Such lessons should really be an introduction to the benefits of the welfare state and central government. It interferes in every aspect of life and has a penchant for extreme waste without responsibility.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Capital Crime

If the British recession of the early 1980s "boosted murder rates" how has America achieved the lowest murder rate in 40 years? Greater prosperity? No drug abuse? No changes to society in general?

Contrary to liberal wisdom and for the benefit of the poorer members of society who are "39% more likely to end up as murder victims", America has retained capital punishment.

"There are less murders, less murder victims and less death sentences because, in our view, we have been giving this problem the right medicine," Michael Rushford, president of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.


I have a new post up at Oncemore.

"With William Hague and Liam Fox coming out in support of David Cameron, it seems increasingly likely that David Cameron will now be crowned King at the end of the leadership contest. What is most disturbing is the sense that people support Cameron in the expectation that he will appeal to other people rather than to themselves! Is this a widespread view!?! What a wonderful example of double think and what an admission of failure for the Conservative MPs who chose the candidates."

Commission for Racial Equality (2)

Is the CRE still needed? A report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests that employers employ the best candiates, regardless of race.

Research into 140,000 children over 30 years found immigrant families breaking through class barriers.

Half of children from Indian working class families went into professional or managerial posts, compared with 43% of white children.

Who could have guessed that a good education was the only way to escape poverty?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Celebrity auction vileness

It was heartwarming to watch overpaid TV "celebrities" bid tens of thousands of pounds on the "Great Big Bid" tonight when the average UK salary is just £24,000 per annum.

The "celebrities" were all selfish. If they were truly generous, they would give to charity without seeking goods, services or publicity in return.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Commission for Racial Equality

Good news for the Commission for Racial Equality. Race hate crimes have risen by 29%. So much more work to do and so little time and resources.

Why isn't "better recording" of crime used as the principle reason for such a large increase?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What a stunner!

How can a woman accused of grievous bodily harm (GBH) be particularly concerned about looking "feminine"?

If she has breached her bail conditions and is not prepared to wear a 'tag', she should be on remand. The judgment is clearly sexist as no man could use such an excuse to avoid being 'tagged' unless they have a penchant for wearing shorts!


War veterans have been banned from selling Remembrance Poppies in a Derby shopping centre as their stall represents "a fire risk".

Out of touch

Tony Blair has warned that some MPs may be "out of touch" with the electorate.

Are any MPs "in touch" with the electorate? If Government policy was determined by 'popular' support, the UK have left the EU years ago, capital punishment would be re-introduced and immigration controls would be a lot tighter. Would UK troops be serving in Iraq?

How can Labour even claim widespread support when just 22% of the entire electorate voted for them?

Deporting foreign rioters

Would any British Home secretary ever "deport foreign rioters" as Nikolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister has threatened?

Not rueing the day

Tony Blair hopes MPs "do not rue the day" they rejected his call to allow police to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without charging them.

The fault lies with the Police. They should have made a stronger case for requiring such a massive increase from 14 days. Which terror suspects have previously been held for fourteen days only to be released before all the evidence was available? Why was 60 days not an option?

The real scandal is that 90 days is the equivalent of a six month sentence! When will a six month sentence mean 180 days again?

Michael Howard does himself no favours by calling for Tony Blair to resign. It just cheapens the political drama of last night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Royal Mail Winterval stamps

As the Royal Mail has just withdrawn the 68p Christmas stamp for being 'disrespectful' to Hindus. When will all other Christmas stamps be withdrawn for fear of offending non-Christians?

Killer Bus Driver

How does a five year prison sentence for a bus driver who killed five people in a freak accident serve justice?

Had the driver been lucky and 'merely' injured them, would his sentence have been reduced?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For one day only - Operation Relentless

Avon and Somerset Police are trying to round up criminals who "deliberately try [] to escape justice". No shit, Sherlock! How many criminals ever seek justice?

If "the operation [is] in addition to and not instead of normal daily policing", what do the "hundreds of officers" not do on other days?

"Wristband" Generation

"I want to win the wristband generation for the Conservative Party" -David Davis. "This is the generation who wears the 'Make Poverty History' wristbands. They display their intolerance of racism with their white and black bands".

Had David Cameron uttered these words, he could have been excused for being Blue Labour, but David Davis!?!

How long until the next leadership contest?

Free childcare for all

Why should everyone be expected to subsidise the childcare costs of every parent in England?

"The Childcare Bill will force councils to fund private provision where there is a gap in the market".

The only gap in a competitive market will be where parents do not value childcare facilities enough to pay for the costs of providing them.

Monday, November 07, 2005

French Riots (2)

American Imperialist wonders why French authorities are not keen to deploy the 'Grande Armee' to prevent further riots. Would they really drop their rifles again?

How far has poor public transport and unemployment contributed to the riots? Strange Stuff suggests education has a signifcant role to play.

Do Muslim schools in the UK threaten similar problems in the future?

"Asians Can't Play Football"

Has the national conference on Asian under-representation in football considered that Asian footballers may not have sufficient talent to play top flight football? In the highly competitive Premiership, teams cannot discriminate except on the basis of talent and ability.

Fat people are also under-represented in Premiership football, should there be a conference to address this too?

Why is an "Asians-only sporting academy at West Ham" tolerated?

Slave labour?

Young, black and prepared to work for nothing? Become a magistrate! The Government needs to remove the hideously "white, middle aged and middle class" image of magistrates by recruiting "more [unpaid] magistrates who [are] younger and from the ethnic minorities".

Is there any evidence that existing magistrates apply the law unfairly? If magistrates are so important to law and order in this country, they should be paid for their services.

French Civil War

Who do the French surrender to this time?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pork Barrel Politics

Will middle class voters rue voting Labour now that taxes on overwhelmingly middle class homes are likely to increase as Labour searches for new ways to finance a bloated public sector?

The Telegraph reports that houses "with more bedrooms than average, conservatories, large patios or gardens, roof terraces or balconies. Homes in "gated communities" [] also face higher [council tax] bills". If such variables are already captured in the sale price of a home, why does Government need to spend £105m on collecting additional data?

Does the Government consider that houses within the catchment area of a good school should also pay more?

Conservative political correctness

Conservative councillors in Waveney, Lowestoft, deserve to voted out of office if plans to scrap the £10,000 grant for Christmas lights are correct as they do not fit with their "core values of equality and diversity".

Liberal Democrat and Labour political correctness need to be resisted by Conservatives, not embraced.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hung out to dry

A paratrooper feels "betrayed" and that he has been "hung out to dry" by his regiment after being cleared of killing Nadhem Abdullah at a court martial on Thursday. House of Dumb has a lot more on the case here.

How does the Ministry of Defence respond? "He is entitled to his views". Shameful. They should have supported and defended Corporal Scott Evans and his co-defendants all the way.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Graves desecrated

How would the BBC have reported the desecration of Muslim graves in Birmingham by far-right extremists rather than a group calling itself "Black Nation"?

Paris Riots (2)

Why should French Police be condemned for causing the deaths of two immigrants who were supposedly fleeing them?

The deaths are simply an excuse for widespread rioting. Hopefully, the rioters will not be rewarded with improved housing conditions as it penalises other law-abiding estates whose residents have not rioted!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

David v Goliath

David Davis and David Cameron will be appear on a special edition of Question Time this evening. Whilst it may be interesting for some Conservative stalwarts, will the rest of the country make an effort to watch it!?!

Should the BBC even be broadcasting this Conservative 'love in' for the benefit of 300,000 Conservative Party members on BBC1!?!

Educational diversity

If compensation payments to teachers for accidents and pupil attacks are at record levels because of dilapidated buildings and poor pupil behaviour, why do GCSE results continue to improve?

Is plagiarism even more widespread than reported? How do you spot plagiarism in maths coursework?

Dying for a good NHS

If 2,000 people were killed on the railways each year yet rail safety was not improved, it would be a national disgrace.

Why should the NHS be immune? Should we be grateful that only 2,000 people died despite nearly 1m near misses?

Update: Whilst the BBC mentions "numbers of deaths [] could be even higher", it is left to the Times to say that it could be as high as 34,000!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Paris Riots

How unfortunate for the BBC. Explaining that high unemployment is a factor that has led to six days of rioting in a Parisian suburb, why choose to profile a Tunisian immigrant whose four sons are all in work!?!

"Boubaker is Tunisian and has lived in France for 30 years. His eldest son is 29 but still lives at home because he cannot find affordable housing. All four children are in work but their friends - again especially those who are black - have to make "hundreds" of job applications before getting an interview."

Is it high unemployment, affordable housing, poor public transport or the French social model causing the riots!?!

Update In true blogging style, Pub Philosopher points to similar riots in Aarhus, Denmark reported by Viking Observer that are yet to receive any international attention.

David Blunkett Resigns

There should only be one name on Tony Blair's list of possible replacements for David Blunkett now that he has left Government in disgrace again, Frank Field MP.

Frank has already been asked to "think the unthinkable" once and now that Tony Blair openly rues about reforms not going far enough, Frank is the natural choice.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BBC Having your say

How long can the new BBC 'Have your say' site remain? It used to be moderated to represent 'all' views yet readers can now recommend the best comments. It therefore leaves the BBC dangerously exposed to the views of those outside the media bubble...

The comments below are some of the most highly recommended from the BBC topic "How British do you feel".

This is too little too late, the britain-hating left have systematically eroded any sense of national identity over the last few decades and left us with a country of distinct and unintegrated cultures we have today- Rod

I'm not 'British', I'm English. I was born in England as were my parents, my grandparents and great-grandparents.
Being British is second to that. I'm sure that people from Scotland would class themselves Scottish before British, as would the Irish and Welsh. - Pauline, Suffolk

How can I feel British when European laws, measures and restrictions are forced upon me by unelected Euro MPs? James Murphy - Dorset

i feel that british culture has been lost to the pc brigade and this is too little too late. we are too worried of offending other nationalities in this country that we end up insulting ourselves. i am english first and only british when going through customs. and even then i'm told i am racist for flying MY flag during the world cup!!!! - Becky, London

I am not an 'EU citizen', I am English first, British second. I am tired of being kicked around by the EU, apparently something the present government not only tolerates, but actively encourages. It is time we removed ourselves from the smothering influence of the EU and became a proud country once again - Andy, Manchester

Are any political parties reflecting these views or are they all misguided little Englanders?

European writers only award?

Why is David Lammy, the Culture Secretary, prepared to support an inherently racist award available only to African, Asian and Caribbean writers living in Britain?

Birmingham Riots (4)

Why are the BBC unable to give much more detail on the men charged with the murder of Isiah Young-Sam murdered during "disturbances in Birmingham"?

Whilst Police investigate the Pirate Radio stations for "incitement to Racial hatred", will they lead to prosecutions?

Operation Trifle?

What is the codename for the Metropolitan Police's special operation covering black on non black gun crime?

Operation Trident covers black-on-black gun crime.
Operation Trafalgar covers non black-on-black gun crime.

David Blunkett resignation?

Hopefully, David Blunkett will not resign as Work and Pensions minister as he should not be rewarded with another £18,725 tax free payment for resigning in disgrace.