Monday, October 15, 2007

Migrant rights and wrongs!

Should the UK hope to be at the top or bottom of a European league table of migrant rights?

  • The UK came out fifth best for how it allows settled migrants to put down long-term roots - but then fell short on quality of life issues, such as bringing in family members.

  • Researchers said that migrants living in the UK could face long delays to getting a permanent right to stay. But they added that once that wait was over, migrants did not face language tests or integration courses.

  • The UK lost marks because of a specific law to strip nationality from immigrants - a measure used only once so far in relation to jailed radical cleric Abu Hamza.

  • The UK was also criticised for not consulting specialist migrant bodies, unlike some other European nations.

  • Let's hope we sink down the table next year!

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