Thursday, October 25, 2007

GPs see the future?

Are 87% of GPs worried about the future as 57% of them know they are being overpaid and expect it to end!?!


cramerj said...

As a very retired GP I would be interested how you are willing to pay a GP to listen to your dull , drab complaints and even do much about them.
And don't mention dedication!
When I was getting 550 pounds a year as SHO (year 1960)I would hear " don't talk about money - you are supposed top be dedicated"
You can't eat dedication.

Snafu said...

Cramerj, I wouldn't have a chance to explain my dull, drab complaints to a GP as it's very unlikley one would be available in evening when it's most convenient for me. Would GP services be more responsive to local demand if a mechanism was in place to reward GP surgeries that were most responsive?

Why should GPs be paid over £100k per year when they were happy to work for £40k per annum just ten years ago!?!