Monday, October 08, 2007

Disposable Income

Tightest squeeze on wallets in a decade, unless you're an MP!

"The pair [Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, the husband-and-wife team in Gordon Brown's Cabinet], who have three children, aged eight, six and three, have a joint income of nearly £240,000 a year."


Alfie said...

Ugh, I just despise those two. Yvette Cooper is the dullest of dullards - she's the moron responsible for the 'Pathfinder' new housing fiasco across northern English towns. Oh, almost forgot - she also, of course, completely arsed up the HIPS packs for house sellers..... And Ed' Balls? Besides having the most stupid surname since 'Barry Arse-Cheeks' was born, is apparently one of the 'young turks' who fanned the flames of election fever to his master, Gordon..... But for sheer bare-faced hypocrisy, have a look at what he said about education for the common people - and the way all the Tory leadership had a privileged education in his speech to the Labour faithful at this year's party conference - even though he went to one of the poshest fee paying schools in the country - Nottingham Grammar.

Anonymous said...

That's just their income. How do their expenses stack up? If you get a winter fuel allowance as an old age pensioner, then your Wife/partner gets a reduced allowance. This principle could justly be applied to MPs. Can you see the three main parties, or any one of them, taking up that idea?