Tuesday, January 02, 2007

World's Newest Selective Girls Grammar School Opens!

Will left-wing educationalists and David Cameron be condemning Oprah Winfrey's new $40m South African school that offers working class girls with academic potential an escape route from "bog standard" schools?

Winfrey, whose own background was disadvantaged, says she regards education as the door to freedom and she hopes these girls will be among South Africa's future leaders.

David Cameron can console himself that current Conservative Party policy on gammar schools appeals to the 25% of the population who are not in favour of academic selection!


mawm said...

So selective that they must have an HIV test before being accepted and only disadvantaged black girls will considered. If the State did this there would be a huge outcry, but it is OK for a black woman to do so!
Apartheid is dead, long live apartheid.

Snafu said...

Mawm, excellent point!

It was also noticeable that all the "celebrities" supporting Oprah were also Afro-Americans!