Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Selective Conservative Policies

Why does the Conservative Party oppose selective education when more than 75% of people believe that streaming or a selective system helps the education of all children?

Just whose views do they represent?


Tom Paine said...

I can't answer that question, but if it helps - not mine.

Snafu said...

Tom, I can't understand why the Conservatives insist on such poor quality policies. Are they afraid of offering a popular alternative to the British electorate?

Are they unable to explain their own policies with any sense of conviction?

Wozza said...

As a Conservative I certainly do not oppose selective education in fact I would endorse it. I can only hope that the current party strategy is to say lots of dumb things like that in the hope that Labour will steal them for their own and then, closer to a general election, do an about turn and announce all the sensible populist policies that most of us are still hoping for.
I'm not holding my breath though

Perdix said...

The Conservatives propose selection within schools rather than between schools, by use of "setting".

Snafu said...

If "setting" within schools is acceptable, setting between schools should also be acceptable!

I still struggle to understand why the teaching Unions are given so much clout when determining education policy!