Friday, January 05, 2007

The Few

Never in the field of English cricket were so many so out for so few.


alfie said...

Hi Snafu - I'm back!
I stayed up to watch it - (while I was banging out a couple of posts for both blog sites). Nasser Hussein was going bleeding mad. As usual, this proud Englishman cut the waffling of Gower and Botham, and told it as it was - accusing the England team of being a load of prima donna fancy Dans. He said that the English team are obsessed with security and celebrity - they have loads of security staff escorting them everywhere. Naz sort of hinted that they were full of self centred importance - and they'd lost the plot big style.

Then he talked about the Aussies. He actually said he had seen them arrive at the ground for the second days play. The Aussies arrived in a big mini bus - and one of the team was driving it. Warne was smoking a fag - and they all piled out of the mini bus and mingled with the supporters, relaxed, happy, bonded, winners. Hussein then said he saw the English team arrive, security people everywhere, glum faces, sunglasses, I-pods. He said they were more concerned with book deals, auto biogs and advertising hitch ups rather than playing cricket with a passion. No mingling or banter - security staff screening the players as they arrived....

And then there was the interview with Steve Harmison - he said he'd done his best, but then said he didn't want to be in Oz any more and wanted to go home.... Pathetic.

I feel sorry for the greatest supporters in the world, we're always there supporting the team - outshouting the locals - and are rewarded with abject mediocrity and an attitude problem.

The batters were crap, rabbits in headlights, nothing less. The bowlers bowled too short and too wide ALL THE TIME. Maybe they don't know that the length of a cricket pitch of 22 yards....

Snafu said...

Alfie, welcome back!

I can't help thinking that the fear of meeting Tony Blair for celebratory drinks after winning the Ashes a second time would be enough to put anyone off their game!

It sounds like the Aussies truly deserved victory.