Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A good education is a lottery!

In seeking to broaden the "social inclusiveness" of good schools by selecting pupils by lottery rather than by catchment area, Labour will only achieve three things:

  • The destruction of said good schools as standards will be diluted over time as good teachers keen to work at good schools leave the profession.
  • The destruction of any remaining support amongst middle class parents or aspirational working class parents for Labour. How many families will be prepared to sacrifice a £25,000 property premium for living within the catchment area of a good school?
  • Social mobility will continue it's decline as the premium for being privately educated at a good school can only increase further.

  • Labour needs to consider whether the middle classes squeeze low income families out of good schools or if that's why the schools are good!


    chris said...

    With the housing market the way it is at the moment wiping £25,000 off the value of thousands of homes nation wide could easily cause a recession.

    Snafu said...

    Chris, why should a reduction in wealth of £25k lead to a recession especially when it's a paper gain for many people? Further increases in interest rates are more likely to lead to recession.