Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Millenium Dome Mark 2?

Why should the National Lottery be used to fund another white elephant, the 2012 Olympic Games?

Ministers should not be allowed to touch Lottery funds to finance schemes that should properly be funded a windfall tax on properties in South East London where the majority of benefits will arise and general taxation.

If the benefits of the Olympics will "far outstrip the costs", why can't the shortfall be funded through one of Gordon Brown's beloved PFI deals?

- The Millenium Dome was part funded with £449m of lottery funds before a further £179m was required when it proved to be less popular than expected!


HSBguzzler said...

The millenium dome was a politic statement. That it was paid for by lottery money, whilst real people still wait for a sniff of the cash, is a predicatable disgrace.
I dont think I know anyone who has been anywhere near any of the lottery funded projects (but correct me if Im missing something obvious). Theres more chance of winning the fucking thing than in getting near any of the lottery funding.
Another labour lie.

alfie said...

Hey Snafu, I'm attempting to get a lottery grant. It's a bit of an experiment to see how far I can get before someone says "Oi you, white middle aged male with leather elbow patches, we don't give cash to your sort. For a start you've got 2 legs, you're not a lesbian, nor are you an asylum seeker or unmarried mother - and you haven't given mountains of cash to Tony Blair - so bugger off, before we set the millennium dogs on you".....

It's the second in the series. The first was when I tried to join the House of Lords as a fully fledged Lordshippyness a few years ago. It could develop into a TV series where I attempt to gatecrash the party machineries...... 'Alfie tries to join the Establishment'

Snafu said...

Alfie, why not try to get a peerage or an MBE instead!?!

I fear "white middle aged male" already disqualifies you from most lottery grants! It certainly disqualifies you from becoming a Conservative MP now!