Friday, July 14, 2006

We want to be together!

Why doesn't David Cameron have the courage of his convictions and insist that Conservative MEPs leave the EPP immediately rather than in 2009 when they can join a new group?

Why should anyone vote for Conservative MEPs who favour closer European integration!?!


MJ Martin said...

I should imagine it's more about practicality. The Tories can't leave until they have somewhere to go, and since they haven't found anyone willing to join their new group apart from the Czech PM, Cameron had to go with what that guy wanted.

At least this way, he's signed his name to definitely departing the EPP. Can't go back on that. So it's definitely going to happen.

Just saying :p

Christina said...

I don't believe the previous post is an accurate statement. There were parties willing to join the Tories, but the Tories judged them to be unsuitable. They have insulted those parties, particularly the Poles, and may find that they won't be willing to help the Tories in 2009.

The Czechs have only 8 or 9 MEPs in the ODS, BTW.

I think the Tories have shown that their idea of reforming the EU is impossible. Even if they had a group of 70 MEPs in 2009, they are up against hundreds of federalists.

The Tories should offer the British people a referendum with 2 choices, IMO. Stay in the EU or come out. The idea of reform is not possible. They can't even start a new group in 'months, not years' as was promised and they have insulted potential partners.