Thursday, July 06, 2006

Child poverty

In seeking to reduce child poverty, what is the Government doing to discourage people from having babies until they can afford to look after them without state support?

Unemployed 21 year old Keith Macdonald has fathered seven children by seven different women and supports none of them financially!

Why should taxpayers be expected to support his children?


Windahl said...

7 is that all? I find the idea extreemly unpleasant that children should only be for the privillaged.

Of course there is an economic reality that cannot be ignored.

There is also the problem of over population, unsustainable growth and the burden placed on the rest of society to pay for it.

I know a woman who lives in two council houses side by side, has 11 kids (all different fathers) that her sisters look after because she is too dysfunctional and spends her money on drugs, booze, fags and whatever else takes her fancy.

Her sisters are normal hard working women with their own families who can't bear the way the kids are growing up so they pitch in.

The woman is a useless waste of space and talking sense to her is impossible she believes 'shes done her bit' just by having them and she is entitled to get what she gets. She has become a talking point.

This may be just another example of an extreme case but there is growing number of feckless people who are taking a view that this is normal and an acceptable way to live. Her three eldest kids are following her in her footsteps. The oldest girl is already a mother herself at 14 and on the council waiting list and her 15 year old son is rumoured to have fathered 3 kids and doesn't 'give a monkey's'.

academy42 said...

It's a worrying problem that the next generation are thinking it's socially acceptable to have kids and be supported by the welfare state, at a very early age.

If the population continues with the trend of single-parent and multi-father families, the welfare state may collapse under the strain - not to mention the social impact, and the dangers of in-breeding. (which I suspect is already happening, given the mindless nature of some kids now)