Monday, July 31, 2006

Tax strike

If 12,000 jobs may be cut at HM Revenue and Customs, why are only 8,000 of them going on strike!?!


alfie said...

Maybe they're not very good at sums?

Political Thinker said...

Possibly the 4,000 who didn't go strike realise that certain circumstances call for job cuts to improve efficiency and so forth? Then again, I'm leaning more to the conclusion that those who didn't strike realise that 8,000 people striking is enough to save everyone's job.

After all though, they do so little work, they might as well all be on strike and it wouldn't make any difference!

Clark Kent said...

I suspect that they're probably 'off sick' .

Snafu said...

Did anyone notice the strike?

How convenient for the strikers that it was able to extend their weekend rather than being an inconvenient day off mid week!