Sunday, July 30, 2006

Conservative support

What are the Conservative party policies that 39% of the UK electorate apparently support!?!

Nope, I couldn't think of any either!


The Gorse Fox said...

Gorse Fox suggests they are:
1) Not being led by Tony Blair
2) Not beingled by John Prescott when Tony is off on a jolly
3) Not being Gordon Brown
4) Not having a Foreign Secretary that doesn't have a clue.
5) Not have a procession of Home Secretaries that haven't a clue.
6) Not stealing people's pensions (hopefully)

At least that's a good start. Any further policies would be a bonus.

Snafu said...

Gorse Fox, I'd prefer it if people supported the Conservative Party for who they are and what they represent rather than a straightforward "anyone but Labour scenario"!

Political Thinker said...

Well, if people realised what Cameron's Conservatives policies are, I doubt they'd support him – higher taxes, more integration with the European Union, more bureaucracy, more interference from government; in essence, an "heir to Blair" government. This means it can only be because people don't realise what Cameron stands for, and therefore it's an "anything but Labour" vote.