Friday, July 28, 2006

Bike Tax

If London's cyclists are forced to fit numberplates to their bikes, how much will it cost to register your bike?

Who will fund the Cycle database?

How much will the fine be for not displaying a numberplate?

How will they catch you if the authorities are currently unable to stop cyclists riding on pavements or going through red lights!?!


alfie said...

Instructions for stopping a bike and catching a rogue cyclist.

You will need - a set of traffic lights, a stout broom, a bolshy cyclist, ignorant of the highway code.

Method - Find a set of working traffic lights and stand next to them. . Take a hold of your stout broom in your hands and hold it horizontally, with the pointy end pointing away from you and towards the road, about 2 feet off the floor. Next, adopt an air of innocence until such time as a cyclist decides to go through the red light. With timing, dexterity and foritude firmly shove the pointy end into the passing wheel. Don't worry if you miss the first wheel - you can always regroup get the back one.

Once the broom has gone through the spokes, the bike will stop dead - unfortunately, the cyclist will not - he'll carry on for quite some time..... Once he has landed, you can a) serve him with a ticket and b) order the ambulance.

Anonymous said...