Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Why does the Government have no intention of "increas[ing] or reduc[ing] the number of people coming to the UK" even though 75% of people think too many immigrants are coming to the UK?

Will immigrants be competing for jobs with 1m incapacity benefit claimants that the Government is also keen to get back into work?

Where will they all work? The public sector?


alfie said...

Just wait till the next recession bites......
Blood and snot on the streets I think. The south sea bubble of our 'service' economy will fall flaccid and wilt -and join the manufacturing sector into oblivion.

Then the fun will begin. Low skilled workers chasing any job going, forcing down wages, moonlighting, cheapo jobs, cash in hand...... Then our handwringing PM will call for a debate, understanding, tolerance.....

A glassy eyed Princess Tony will give another Oscar winning performance - but wwill it be too late?

Windahl said...

I had exactly this argument over a glass of wine with an 'officical' and I got a tirade (which I found abusive)that England has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in Europe and that I am both a racist and NIMBY and that immigration ensures a steady stream of cheap labour for which I as a homeowner and as a person who eats out is benefiting greatly.

I told a friend of mine this tale and he told me that when he advertised for a 'kitchen porter' he received 30 applications and not one of them spoke a word of English. In the end he hired a polish man because the half his staff are polish so it 'makes sense'.

The competition is already here for housing and clearly wages are already forced down when a British person would turn their nose up at such a position.

I worked after school to pay for my schooling in a greek restaurant peeling potatos and doing food 'prep' - cleaning and chopping.

At the time I thought it was great just to be earning money.

Snafu said...


Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in England is one of the lowest in Europe because so many people are claiming incapacity benefit and therefore are excluded from the unemployment count.

One of the worst defences I have ever heard for more immigration was from a Labour MP who claimed that it made restaurant meals cheaper!

It seems to me that more immigration only damages the interests of Labour's core working class voters as they compete for the same jobs and public services!