Monday, July 10, 2006

Murals to die for?

Should murals in Protestant parts of Northern Ireland be preserved for their historical significance or painted over as part of the "peace process"?

How much public money is being spent to paint over murals in Catholic parts of Northern Ireland?

How many tins of paint does £3.3m buy!?!


alfie said...

3.3 million quid buys the following -

One can of 10 litre masonary paint.
One able bodied house painter (with extendable ladder).
One Government paint inspector to check work is 'a-OK'.
400 civil servants to validate inspector's 'a-OK' forms, and duly pass them with the 'a-OK evaluation is OK' rubber stamp.
150 government accountants to validate that the validated 'a-OK' forms have been correctly validated and thus pay the able bodied house painter on a house by a-OK house basis....

Note - The 3.3 million does obviously not include the computer system specially built to simplify and optimise the project - known to all concerned as 'Operation Whitewash' For that to be included - simply add a couple of zeros.....

Snafu said...

Will the project go over budget?

Can we assume that Health and Safety officials will also be required to ensure that workers are able to work safely three meters from the ground?

Would it be cheaper to knock houses with murals down and rehouse them like they do in Liverpool!?!

alfie said...

What? 3 metres off the ground!

Nobody said anything about working 3 metres off the ground.....

Looks like a visit from the Gravitational Advisory Panel is in order to assess the likelihood of gravity being present in Northern Ireland.