Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Too much Palestinian aid?

Do the Palestinians have a bloated public sector if 25% of Palestinian workers work for the Palestinian Authority (PA)?

In the long term, would Palestine benefit cuts to their aid budget to encourage private sector growth? Some outspoken commentators already say Africa is cursed with too much aid...

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wonkotsane said...

Any idea how much of that 25% is devoted to restoring the infrastructure that Israel constantly destroys to try and ensure the failure of the PA? It's funny how every time the Israeli's send in their tanks and helicopter gunships they always decide to take out electricity and telephone lines as well, cutting off the lines of communications that the PA needs to operate effectively. Then they complain when the PA fails to stop a suicide bomber. If I wanted to make sure the PA was incapable of stopping terrorism to justify continued occupation then I'd do the same thing.