Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Somalian refugees

If Somalian refugees cannot be deported if convicted of a crime, should they be allowed into the UK in the first place?

PC Sharon Beshenivsky's parents can console themselves that the man suspected of murdering their daughter faced dangers in war-torn Somalia had he been deported.


alfie said...

I just don't get the Home Office reasoning on this one. Over the last 2 years around 200 Somali people have been sent back to their country of origin from these shores. So why is it OK for the HO to send these back - but not this career criminal?

Does it say to other Somali people coming here that they have more chance of staying if they do a bit of GBH on someone in Blighty?. Is the HO saying we'll send all the good people back - but keep the dregs of that country here?

You can be sure that when Vietnam passed the sentence on our own perv, Gary Glitter which is 7 years then immediate deportation - you can bet your last fiver that once he has completed his FULL sentence, GG will be taken straight from prison and frog marched to the airport within the hour.

If a 3rd world country like Vietnam has the organisational where-with-all to automatically deport criminals once they have served their sentence, why can't we? (Especially as we have such an 'organisational' genius as Charles Clarke in charge)

Anonymous said...

Vietnam would be able to deport GG because he has a British passport and we being the schmucks we are "play the game" Somalia has no real government so it's difficult to remove people there. However we should find a way to get rid of these varmints.

Sadly most Somalis in Britain came here from Holland where the Dutch gave them nationality because it was too difficult to deport them. They are frequently encountered using someone else's identity card but due to the high rate of inbreeding it is hard to tell them from the genuine document holder. Now they shuttle back and forth claiming benefits in both countries, oh and most of them have multiple identities to boot. A Somali woman was recently returned to America after it transpired she came here on an American passport and claimed asylum under another identity. This crap happens all the time.

The 200 that were returned may well have been shipped back to countries where they have existing asylum claims. Personally if I had my way I would round them all up into a RAF Hercules and fly them direct to Mogadishu and boot their arses out.

Snafu said...

Anonymous, I just hope the MoD see the sense in equipping any such Hercules with foam to help protect it from small arms fire! If the Australian and US experience in Vietnam was that aircraft are vulnerable to small arms ground fire, why didn't the British learn from their experiences!?!

Alfie, I'm just surprised that GG wasn't immediately deported to Britain to save it the expense of keeping him in prison for seven years. Do the Vietnamese authorities expect that he would be released half way through the prison term?

What guarantees does the Home Office give that the 200 Somalis haven't already returned to the UK? When senior Police officers say that people smuggling is "out of control", we should remain concerned!