Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't email the Police

Are Police officers being investigated for circulating an offensive e-mail image of a decapitated man or because the man happens to be black?

The e-mail apparently shows the head of a black man who died after jumping on to metal railings during a police chase. It is captioned: "Don't run from the police."


JuliaM said...

"It is unclear if the e-mail is real or fake, but it is thought to have originated in the United States."

Err, if the EMAIL is real or fake? Surely they know, given it's circulating on police networks....?

I'm guessing they mean the story and/or image in it. Good old BBC!

The story appears on Snopes and other urban legend sites. Consensus is that it is genuine. It can be found at (REALLY not for the faint hearted..)

Anonymous said...

looks like a fake collection of photos

Anonymous said...