Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sensitivity? My a*se!

Why should doctors be sensitive when dealing with weight issues that affect long term health?

Doctors will provid[e] parents with gentle prompts to encourage discussion about their child's weight.

Some parents may need a more direct approach even if phrases such as "Fat b*stard", "lardy", "tubby" and "early death" are prohibited!


HSBguzzler said...

We need to be honest with those bloaters who keep feeding their kids too many sweets and crisps and turning them into right fat f*ckers.
What ever happened to straight talking? :)

Stevo in Taichung said...

Was just listening to a local English language radio station on the way in and the guy was saying that somewhere in the States there will be a summer camp for overweight kids, fair enough but the thing that made me take notice was that he said that it was mainly for five to ten year olds.
Parents should be held accountable for the physical condition of their kids, I remember when I was at school it was the parents of the skinny/scrawny looking kids who the social services wanted to talk to.

GreedyBtd said...

Of course we probably wouldn't have as big a problem (no pun intended) if successive governments hadn't either sold off huge numbers of school playing fields or mucked about with the school curriculum so much that there is now considerably less time in the school day for physical activity.

I think all advertising of sweets, fizzy drinks and junk food to children should be banned (including the evil 'Happy Meal' concept). It's not fair to kids to bombard them with advertising messages saying this junk is cool and then complain when they are fat and unhealthy as a result! If you can't rely on their parents to do it either then you have to change the messages the kids are getting.