Monday, May 08, 2006

A 'Dear Tony' letter

I've met someone else. After nine years of passion, lust and love, it's over. We're finished. You no longer mean anything to me.

We shared the good times but I don't want to share your bad times. "Things can only get better", that was our song but "I will survive" seems more appropriate now.

There is only room in my life for one man and that can only be Gordon Brown so turn around now, walk out the door...


The Labour Party


alfie said...

No doubt about it - he's gone. He'll be moving to LA or New York pretty soon - well, he wouldn't want to stick around in this country having spent 9 fulfilling years screwing it all up. Then will come the US lecture tours, then the 'World Statesman' job - along with Clinton and Carter will beckon. Finally,he'll be the relief host on the 'David Letterman Show' - in preparation for him having his own late night spot - The Rev' Blair's nightly lecture'

You can tell he's a busted flush - have you seen his top lip lately? Sweating? It could solve the SE drought all on its own.

alfie said...

Oh yeah - you forgot the p.s. - from the Labour Party letter -

p.s. Oh Tony, almost forgot, we hate your f***ing guts and we hope you die a long, lonely and painful death - you f***ing Tory.....


The Comrades.