Friday, July 29, 2005

You know when you've been tasered

Why did Police have to take an "incredible risk" when arresting Yasin Hassan Omar, a suspect in the 21st July failed Tube bombings suspect? Police incapacitated him with a Taser stun gun even though it could have set off any explosive attached to his body.

Is restoring Police confidence amongst the Muslim community more important than the lives of a 'few' Police Officers? When Spanish Police closed in on three of the suspected Madrid train bombers, they blew themselves up, killing one Policeman and injuring eleven others as well.


David Vance said...

Hey Snafu,

Either great minds think alike or fools seldom differ but we came up with the same headline on this story - though you beat me to it, I see!!! Curses. Isn't it great that there are enough of us on the blogosphere prepared to raise these issues which the MSM ignore if it doesn't fit into their leftist anti-British narrative.

Snafu said...

David, I saw your post and wasn't too sure if you were coming down in this world or I was going up.

As I recall, we took slightly different angles though!