Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Taken to the cleaners?

It appears that some MPs (earning £59,000pa) may finally get their hands dirty and do a real job for once. They will have to clean the toilets in the Houses of Parliament as their cleaners are on strike. They want to earn £6.70 per hour rather than the current £5.

As these pay rates are very low, I suggest they quit their jobs and find new employment elsewhere in London if they want a "living wage". The House of Commons should only raise their pay rates if they are having problems recruiting cleaning staff.

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Stevo in HCM said...

I believe the cleaners are employed by an outsourced company rather than the House of Commons, that's probably the reason that a bunch of Labour MP's are showing their support, the contract is likely to worth millions to the contractors.
It's a good time for them to down tools as one of their gripes is they only qualify for 12 days holiday per year, our MP's on the other hand will be going home for the summer break which is 12 weeks fully paid up.