Monday, July 25, 2005

Brazil nuts

The Brazilian Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim, is demanding an explanation from Jack Straw for the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. He should visit the families of those killed and injured on July 7th for it.

His family are also said to be considering legal action against the Police for the shooting. Would other (unknown) families have been able to claim a similar amount had he been a suicide bomber that the Police could have stopped but hesitated and chose not to?

I assume Jean Charles had a UK working visa or will this be overlooked given the circumstances?

Update He was an illegal immigrant as his student visa had expired. Naturally, the BBC is unable to draw this conclusion!! Where did he study?


Stevo in HCM said...

I think that Jack Straw should tell the Brazilian Foreign Minister
to fix the shit going on in his own country before telling us what to do.
Has he never heard of the street kids execution squads?

Anonymous said...

Nothing excuses murder - NOTHING.

So maybe all the illegal Brits in the US should be shot too?

Perhaps you will celebrate this too:
A teenager has been killed in a racist axe attack by a gang, police have said.

Sure he was black, he was standing at a bus stop, he looked muslim....

Snafu said...

Anonymous, I don't consider the shooting of the Brazilian to be cold blooded murder. The murder of Anthony Walker was cold blooded murder. How can you possibly think I would celebrate it?

Based upon the news reports at the time, the Police made the right decision to shoot the Brazilian. He was not shot for being an illegal immigrant. Should the other 500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK be worried? I don't think they should be, but I am concerned that the UK Government has no idea who it lets into the country and who is resident here.

Your linking of the two cases is quite pitiful. One "murder" as you claim it to be is by the Police acting in extreme circumstances with the support of the wider community whilst the other murder is carried out by a bunch of presumably white youths acting on their own.