Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The English Drum

I have a new post up at Oncemore courtesy of a news item via Campaign for an English Parliament.

When the Scottish Parliament was given the powers to vary income tax rates by up to 3p, the original expectation appears to have been that the Parliament would only ever increase it. However, the Scotsman newspaper reports that the Scottish Conservative Party are considering reducing income tax by 3p as a 2007 Scottish Parliamentary election manifesto commitment.

Whilst I doubt the income tax reduction will significantly improve Conservative electoral chances north of the border, it is a disturbing development that can only increase calls for an English Parliament with similar powers. As Scottish and Welsh Conservatives flex their muscles on behalf of their respective nations, should the 'rump' Conservative Party start to bang the English Drum?

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Anonymous said...

The conservatives, new labour and liberal "democrats" are all playing the same game. They are all stooge parties! FUCK THE LOT OF THEM!!!