Friday, July 22, 2005


You bastard.

(Hope the Police are sure though!!)

Update My worst fears have been realised. He was unconnected to the incidents. Why did he run when challenged? Despite this tragic turn of events, the Police should not change their alledged "Shoot to Kill" policy when dealing with potential suicide bombers.

The rules have changed.


Steve said...

Hmmm. Me too. It would be a bloody disaster if this guy was just a fare dodger.

Anonymous said...

I think "Oops" might be called for, but then again....

Snafu said...

I just wish he had not run. These are dangerous times for all Londoners.

He was a suspect (albeit innocent, the Police will not always know that inititally), and was followed accordingly. The evidence suggests that he ran when challenged by armed Police. At that point, he became a "suicide bomber" and had to be stopped at all costs.

The only "victors" are the terrorists who have been given a propaganda victory and are themselves less likely to be challenged next time.

The "losers" are normal Londoners who can rightly fear that an actual suicide bomber will not be stopped next time.

This poor chap is a victim of the terrorist attacks like all the others.

Anonymous said...

Four of Mr Menezes's cousins gave a press conference in the Holiday Inn hotel in Camden, north London. One cousin told the conference she was told by police officers that their cousin had been wearing a denim jacket and had used his travel card to get through the station barrier: "I spoke to police on that day and the police told me that he had used a travel card".

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Maybe people need to not jump to conclusions so fast?

So it is now a crime to run? A crime to have dark skin? A crime to live in less well off area's in London?

If the police were so good at their job how come they had not discovered that there were many apartments in the building?

How come they allowed a "suspected suicide bomber" onto a bus before stopping him?

In my opinion the exercise was to create high drama - display to the ordinary people going about their daily chores just how much control the police have and how they will use that control.

Just exactly who are the terrorists?

Seems to me rather strange that it took the police five days to "find the bombers car loaded with more bombs" in the car park. What were the suicide bombers going to do?? Come back to get more bombs to commit suicide a second time? Wow they must be very resilient people to be able to commit suicide a second time!

Funny that after 9/11 a passport belonging to one of the suicide bombers was found intact in the street. Funny how they also found items belonging to the bombers in a car afterwards - seems very suspicious to me. This is an exact mirror of what happened in the US after 9/11 - watch now as freedoms are taken away and BIG BROTHER watches everything you do in public or private.

How would you react if you were in another country, were on your way to work, not thinking of anything other than the weather, your family, your girlfriend, your evening out, whatever and suddenly you hear shouts from behind you, you see burly men shouting at you, they have gun's, would you stand there and wait to see what they want or would you run?

This was cold blooded murder, Mr Menezes was used to instil fear in every British person in order to get them to conform to the new world order - mark my words.