Thursday, July 14, 2005

Qu'ran to be exempt from Religious Hatred Bill?

Pub Philosopher has an excellent article on Muslim leaders asking for the Qu'ran to be exempt from the Religious Hatred Bill as reported in Muslim Weekly*.

"The minister [Paul Goggins] said it would be difficult to exempt scriptures because there is [every] likelihood that extreme groups like the BNP may use verses of the Qu’ran to incite hatred against the Muslim community. Therefore, the very purpose of the Act would be defeated."

"Recent confusion regarding freedoms to deliver khutbahs and to recite and quote from the Qur’an and ahadith had raised concerns in the community that dawah and propagatory practices may be curtailed under the new legislation."

Are the Muslim leaders acknowledging that, by seeking an exemption, the Qu'ran does contain verses of religious hatred? Ironically, Paul Goggins suggests the Act will target the BNP if they highlight such verses.

*There is no direct link to the article but it is located in the MCB News section.

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