Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pupil choice

Is the Education Secretary acknowledging that schooling is not up to scratch in "disadvantaged areas" if pupils should be bussed to successful schools in wealthier areas?

Grammar schools offer excellence, equity and social mobility. Entry was dependent upon academic ability alone, parental income (whether through paying fees or living in the right catchment area) was not a key factor. When will Ruth Kelly recognise that good schools could exist in inner city areas if they were allowed? Only socialist dogma prevents the creation of more grammar schools.

Meanwhile, all the Grammar schools in Northern Ireland are expected to be scrapped by 2008. Northern Ireland can expect to look forward to all the problems of England's education system.

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Anonymous said...

Isnt IRA scumbag Martin McGuinness in charge of education in NI? He certainly was at some point. The irony being that most Catholic children go to church run schools outside the control of the NI education dept.