Thursday, July 21, 2005

An English Raj

Why fear a "Scottish Raj" when an "English Raj" could be as bad?

"England should have lower income tax rates than Scotland to make it more competitive". I cannot imagine any Scottish Labour MP ever uttering such words.

"One of the advantages of devolution is that it gives Scotland an opportunity to make itself more competitive against England," George Osborne, Conservative Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Member of Parliament for the English constituency of Tatton welcoming Scottish Conservative proposals to reduce income tax rates in Scotland by 3p.

I wonder if his English constituents are as welcoming of lower taxes north of the border?


Serf said...

I'm all for low taxes in Scotland, as long as they don't pay for them with subsidies from England.

Snafu said...

Serf, I've got no problems with lower income taxes, what I resent is Osborne's specific support to reduce Scottish income tax to make Scotland a more competitive place to do business than England. The UK should have the same income tax rates, if he supports lowering income tax in Scotland, I look forward to a similar commitment in England.

Why not reduce income tax rates in Cornwall and Devon to make them more competitive than Somerset?