Friday, July 29, 2005

Life before death?

Norman Tebbit powerfully reflects on life as a victim of the IRA here.

"For the terrorists' victims there's the knowledge that their lives were not wrecked by illness, accident or even personal grudge but because someone used their lives, their bodies to bludgeon and blackmail the government to submit to their political demands."

"We think the victims should not have to endure the sight of terrorists rewarded nor fanatics left free to urge their followers to kill their way to paradise. That is just too much to bear."


bertie said...

As of the title of this site. I am deeply ashamed that my government is contemplating granting an amnesty for on-the runs

Mike Cunningham said...

Posted this on my own site, as a salute to the honour of another British hero!
Lord Tebbit and his wife are just statistics, going by the words and actions of the bunch who run the Labour Government these days, and the sooner the casualties are forgotten, the better for everyone!