Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snakeoil Politicians

Why are Conservatives being condemned for offering no policies to "cure" the world of it's current financial crisis when that, ironically, is the only effective cure!?!

The global crisis needs to be allowed to run it's course. Yes, it will be painful, many jobs will be lost and there will be social strife and their will be a greater redistribution of wealth than ever before. However, none of the bail-outs address the underlying cause of the present crisis, excessive spending this decade, an asset price bubble and far too many people living beyond their means.

Snakeoil politicians offering "cures" that will encourage more spending merely want to delay the inevitable period of retrenchment until their time in power ends. It's disgusting. Debts still need to be repaid one day and, sooner or later, people will need to adjust their lifestyles so they spend less than they earn.

More fuel on a fire does not extinguish it.

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