Friday, November 28, 2008

Police State?

  • Twelve British National Party (BNP) members have been arrested on suspicion of distributing racist material in Liverpool city centre. "Merseyside Police condemns racism in all of its forms and will take prompt action to support all of our communities." - Sunday, November 23rd.
  • Conservative immigration spokesman Damian Green arrested by anti-terror Police, held for nine hours and released on bail in connection with a series of leaks from the Home Office.

When will the BBC's Robert Peston disappear!?!

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xoggoth said...

I rather doubt the BNP give out official leaflets without checking their legality first.

Arrests, even when there is known to be no realistic prospect of conviction, are a wonderful way of imposing the will of our marvellous world socialist state due to the costs for organisations and the stress to individuals.

Next time we see yet more 'reasonable' new laws that we are assured are aimed only at extreme views and actions we should ask under what circumstances they will actually be invoked in practice.