Sunday, May 04, 2008

Politics of the snake?

How will Gordon Brown possibly reassure Labour backbenchers that he can lead them to success!?!
Labour face a double whammy of electoral defeat. They are unable to appeal to floating voters thanks to rampant tax increases and have shed too many of their core voters due to devolution and immigration.
Labour backbenchers are finally facing up to the fact that they cannot be replaced, unlike a snake!


xoggoth said...

I strongly object to this comparison. Snakes are brill.

Snafu said...

Xoggoth, it depends if you bitten by one or not!

Whilst I might be being unfair to snakes, the post wouldn't have owrked if I'd called it "Politics of the Hermit crab"!

xoggoth said...

You could have called it politics of the kitten, every sane person surely knows kittens are pure evil.